1/9/2017 Uni-Chartering pop-up office
Press release - Uni-Chartering pop-up office, Geneva
1/20/2016 M/T Boringia Swan repositioned
As of 1 January 2016, M/ T Boringia Swan was repositioned to south-east Asia where she is working locally on a new contact with an oil major company. ...
6/18/2015 M/T Selandia Swan visiting Fredericia, Denmark
Our good vessel M/T Selandia Swan visited Fredericia for loading after a short docking in Lindoe.   The freshly painted and serviced vessel was prom...
6/5/2015 Houston office at full speed
We are very pleased to welcome Mikkel Larsson to our Houston office.   Our Houston office has grown steadily since the startup in 2012 and adding Mi...